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How it works in 3 easy steps

Customers will create a booking for the repair of their device.

You will receive a booking confirmation

Customers will drop off their device at the designated slot

Let us help you get more customers

Our platform will provide you with a wider online presence

You will have access to a variety of effective marketing tools

Build trust and a higher customer confidence with free POS and merchandising materials

Real-time data tracking of your transaction and activity to help you monitor and analyse your business performance

Access to an extensive range of suppliers, who can offer exclusive promotions, discounts and offers to our partners

Reap the benefits of increased business and brand awareness through us as we launch a nationwide marketing campaign

Here's why you should partner with us today.

  • Increased revenue with pre-booked repairs that are confirmed directly with you

  • Free online exposure to increase brand awareness, resulting in a larger customer outreach

  • Updates regarding vital industry information, including market trends and pricing guidance

  • Online tools for more organisation and effective performance of your business

  • Increased consumer confidence to convert more inquiries into actual business

  • Saving you time and money to and helping you grow your business

Our partners say

"“I am so excited to be part of CYR. They really understand my business and have a clear vision on how to grow my business. Looking forward to growing with CYR."


"I have always been looking to grow my business but haven’t due to lack of marketing experience and funds. CYR is providing me with all the tools to grow my business and concentrate on what I enjoy about this business: repairing devices."


"I was a bit skeptical of joining CYR at first, as this was the first time I have heard about them. But after getting a visit from their reps, they really impressed me with their great knowledge of the repair industry, and implemented a clear path on how to overcome all the day-to-day obstacles, leaving me to focus on repairing more devices. Their CRM software is amazing!"