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If your iPhone 11 Pro is damaged, whether it is a broken screen, cracked camera or your battery needs replacing, we have you covered.

We understand how important it is to find the right repair shop near you for your iPhone 11 Pro repairs, and that’s why we have over 500 approved repair shops on our site to help you get the best deal.

Simply tell us the problem of your iPhone 11 Pro and location of where you want to repair and get instant quotes from hundreds of repair shops near you, so you can compare the cost of the repair, warranty provided with repair and the repair times in 3 simple clicks in less than 30 seconds.

The iPhone 11 Pro is the latest release from Apple and it has a lot to offer. The most notable change from previous models is the addition of a third camera, which gives you the ability to capture wide-angle, telephoto, and ultra-wide photos. The camera also has improved low-light performance and can record 4K video at up to 60fps.

Another new feature is the updated processor, which provides even better performance than the iPhone XS. The OLED display is also brighter and more energy-efficient, the battery life has been extended to provide up to 18 hours of video playback. Overall, the iPhone 11 Pro is a significant upgrade from iPhone XS.

However like all previous iPhone's, the iPhone 11 Pro is not immune to damage, a small drop from the sofa can shatter the screen and back glass.

Rest assured that this can be repaired and your iPhone 11 pro functioning back to normal.

Fortunately, that’s where we come in and help you compare the cost of your iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement and screen repairs from across 500 repair shops in the uk to get you the best deal for your iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement or screen repair.

Plus with iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement taking only up to 30 minutes we promise to have your iPhone 11 Pro repaired in no time plus, our approved repair shops reviews and ratings mean you can be sure you're choosing a trusted and reviewed repair shop for your Apple iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement.

So if you're looking for iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement, we have you covered..

The iPhone 11 Pro is equipped with a powerful battery that delivers up to 5 hours of extra talk time and 18 hours of video playback. Users will also appreciate the longer lasting battery when browsing the web, checking email, and playing games.

The iPhone 11 Pro's improved battery life is due to its larger capacity and more efficient components. Apple has also added an adaptive fast charger to the iPhone 11 Pro, so users can quickly recharge their devices when needed.

The iPhone 11 Pro is a clear winner when it comes to battery life, and its improved performance will be appreciated by users who rely on their iPhones for work or play.

However, like all lithium ion batteries they degrade over time and usage. With Apple recommending replacing the battery after 2 years or battery health below 90%. If your iPhone 11 Pro battery is due for a replacement, we have got you covered.

Our expert repair shops can replace the iPhone 11 Pro battery in less than 1 hour and with 500 repair shops across the UK we ensure to have expert repair shops near you to replace your iPhone 11 Pro battery and with prices starting from £44.99 only.

Book your iPhone 11 Pro battery replacement today. 

The new iPhone 11 Pro features a glossy glass back that is susceptible to scratches and cracks. While the front glass is protected by Apple's Gorilla Glass, the back is made of more fragile material.

So, if you drop your phone or otherwise damage the back, it's likely that you'll need to repair it. Fortunately, our repair shops got your covered. There are a few different options to repair the back of your iPhone 11 pro.

One option is to replace the entire rear housing. This can be quite expensive. A more cost-effective option is to replace the back glass only.

So if you've smashed your iPhone 11 pro back glass and are looking for iPhone 11 Pro back glass replacement, we got you covered.

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iPhone 11 Pro Repair Services

?Here are some of the most common iPhone 11 Pro repairs carried out by our approved repair shops.

At Compare Your Repair we don't only offer comparisons and repairs for an iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement but we offer repair services for more than 15 repair services for the iPhone 11 Pro including battery replacement, back glass replacement, housing replacement and rear camera replacement.

Our approved repair shops are experts in repairing iPhone 11 Pro devices no matter what the problem is and with over 500 repair shops nationwide we promise to have a shop near you.

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Rear Glass Replacement
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Rear Housing Replacement
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Audio Repair
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Screen Replacement - OLED
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is an iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement?

iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement prices start from £84.99 for LCD screen replacement and £109.99 for OLED display screen replacement. 

iPhone 11 Pro Repair Near Me

Finding an iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement near me repair shop that is both affordable and close to you can be a challenge. That's why Compare Your Repair has over 500 iPhone 11 Pro repair shops in our network.

We understand that when your iPhone 11 Pro screens break, you need it fixed fast. With our easy-to-use comparison tool, you can compare price, and reviews for iPhone 11 Pro repair shops near you to find the best option for you all in 30 seconds.

And with our repair shops expert in iPhone 11 Pro battery replacement near me or screen repair near me.