iPhone XS Max Repair

If you've accidentally damaged your iPhone XS Max, it can be a hugely frustrating experience.

Whether you've cracked the screen or you're dealing with a degraded battery, it's never fun to be without your iPhone XS Max, and you're probably wondering where to get it repaired.

With so many repair shops out there, it can be tough to know who to trust, how much it will cost and the warranty provided with the repair. But don't worry, we've got you covered.

Just tell us the problem of your iPhone XS Max and location of where you want to repair and we will get you instant repair quotes from repair shops near you, so you can compare the cost of the repair, warranty provided with the repair and how long it will take to repair all in less than 30 seconds to allow you to choose the best suited repair shop for your iPhone XS Max screen replacement or back glass replacement.

So we do the hard work for you. Our easy comparison portal will get you the best deal for your iPhone XS Max repair. Look no further than and get a repair quote now. 

The iPhone XS Max is one of the most popular releases from Apple, and it boasts a number of impressive features.

Firstly, the phone has a 6.5-inch OLED display, making it one of the largest smartphones on the market at the time of launch.

Secondly, it has a new A12 Bionic chip which makes it even more powerful than previous models.

Thirdly, the camera has been upgraded to a dual 12-megapixel setup, meaning that you can now take even better photos and videos.

Finally, the phone is available in a range of different colours, including gold, silver and space grey.

While these are certainly impressive features, it's important to remember that the OLED screen can still be damaged easily and whether it is a small crack/chip or a black screen the complete screen will need to be replaced for your iPhone XS Max.

Fortunately, that’s where we come in and help you compare the cost of your iPhone XS Max screen replacement and screen repairs from across 500 repair shops in the UK to get you the best deal for your iPhone XS Max screen replacement or screen repair. And with iPhone XS Max screen replacement taking only up to 30 minutes we promise to have your iPhone XS Max repaired in no time plus, our approved repair shops reviews and ratings mean you can be sure you're choosing a trusted and reviewed repair shop for your apple iPhone XS Max screen replacement.

So if you're looking for iPhone XS Max screen replacement, we got you covered.

We can agree the iPhone XS Max is a beautiful phone, but it's not without its flaws.

One of the most common damage is the vulnerable back glass.Despite being made of Gorilla Glass 6, the back glass on the iPhone XS Max is prone to cracking and shattering. Even a small drop can cause spiderweb cracks to appear. And if you're unlucky enough to drop your phone face-down, you can expect the back glass to shatter into pieces.

In the event that your iPhone XS Max needs a back glass replacement, we got you covered with over 500 repair shops experts in iPhone XS Max back glass replacement. And with back glass replacement starting from only £49.99 we’ll make sure to get you the best deal from our approved network of repair shops.

Another drawback on the iPhone XS Max is complaints about the phone is its battery life. While the average smartphone battery lasts for around 10 hours, the XS Max only lasts for six to seven hours when used for tasks like web browsing and video streaming.

This short battery life can be frustrating, particularly when you are trying to stay connected throughout the day.

While there are some steps that users can take to improve their battery life, such as turning off unnecessary features and limiting their screen time, ultimately we recommend the carry out a battery replacement once the battery health level falls below 90%. If you are looking for an iPhone XS Max battery replacement, we got you covered.

Our expert repair shops can replace iPhone XS max battery in less than 1 hour and with 500 repair shops across the UK we ensure to have expert repair shops near you to replace your iPhone XS Max battery and with prices starting from £39.99 only. Book your iPhone XS Max battery replacement today.

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At Compare Your Repair we understand how important it is to get your iPhone XS MAX repaired quickly, so we have done the hard work for you. Our easy comparison portal will get you the best deals for your iPhone XS MAX repair. Simply select your iPhone XS MAX, choose your device problem, and hit search to get instant repair quotes in less than 30 seconds from repair shops near you. Compare and book your same day appointment at the best suited repair shop for your iPhone XS MAX repair.


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iPhone XS Max Repair Services

At Compare Your Repair, we understand that your iPhone is an important part of your daily life. That's why we offer a wide range of repair services for the iPhone XS Max, so you can get your phone back in working order as quickly as possible.

Whether you need a screen replacement, camera lens replaced, a battery upgrade or back glass repair, our approved repair shops can get your iPhone XS Max looking brand new.

No matter what issue you're having with your iPhone XS Max, we can help you find the best deal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much to replace an iPhone XS Max screen?

iPhone XS Max screen replacements start from £74.99 for LCD screen replacement and £109.99 for OLED display screen replacement. 

iPhone XS Max Repair Near Me

At Compare Your Repair, we understand that when your iPhone XS Max screen breaks, you need it fixed fast. That's why we work with over 500 repair shops across the UK to provide nationwide coverage.

So when your screen is cracked or your battery is due for a replacement, we can always find the best deal for you. We know that not everyone has the same needs when it comes to repairs, so we offer a range of services to fit your budget and timeline.

Whether you need a same-day repair or a more affordable option, you can filter through to find the right solution for your iPhone XS Max.

So whether you are looking for an iPhone XS Max screen replacement near me or a camera glass or back glass replacement near me or a battery replacement near me or any repair service near me for your iPhone XS Max.

We got you covered with repair shops across the UK.