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Your iPhone 8 Plus is an essential part of your life. It keeps you connected to the people and information you need, and it helps you stay organised and on track. So when something goes wrong, we got you covered.

At Compare Your Repair, the UK largest repair network, we are dedicated to finding you the best deal for repairs on your iPhone 8 Plus , so you can have your phone back in no time.

We understand how important it is to have a working phone, so we do the hard work for you by getting you the best deal from over 500 repair shops nationwide.

Our easy comparison platform allows you to search, compare and book your iPhone 8 Plus repair services in confidence from across 500 repair shops nationwide all in 30 seconds with many of our repair shops offering same day repairs. Get a quote now. 

The iPhone 8 Plus was released in 2017 and was Apple's newest flagship model. It has a better camera, more processing power and a new design. The camera has two lenses, one for regular photos and one for telephoto shots. This means that you can now take closer photos without sacrificing image quality. The processor is now the A11 Bionic, which is faster and more energy efficient than the previous generation. In addition, the iPhone 8 Plus is water and dust resistant, making it more durable than previous models.

The iPhone 8 Plus also features a 5.5-inch Retina HD display with True Tone technology. The display is 25% brighter than the previous iPhone 7 Plus, and it also includes a Wide Colour Gamut for more vibrant colours. It also features 3D Touch, which allows users to access additional features and information with a simple press of the screen.

However with such a large display, it is very easy to break the screen from a small drop and shatter or chip the screen. Whether you have a hairline crack or a small chip on your iPhone 8 Plus screen. The complete screen will be needed to be replaced, But fortunately, that’s where we come in and help you compare the cost of your iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement and screen repairs from across 500 repair shops in the uk to get you the best deal for your iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement or screen repair. And with iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement taking only up to 30 minutes we promise to have your iPhone 8 Plus screen replaced in no time plus, our approved repair shops reviews and ratings mean you can be sure you're choosing a trusted and reviewed repair shop for your Apple iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement.

So if you're looking for iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement, we got you covered.

Another major change in the iPhone 8 Plus is the glass back panel that's held together by a metal frame. Apple says the glass is "the most durable ever in a smartphone," and it's strengthened through a proprietary dual ion-exchange process.

The frame is made from aerospace-grade aluminium. However, with the new back glass feature, the iPhone 8 Plus is more fragile than previous models and with users reporting hairline cracks and chips on their back glass from a drop or pressure.

In the event that your iPhone 8 Plus back glass does become damaged or cracked, We got you covered with over 500 repair shops experts in iPhone 8 Plus back glass replacement. And with back glass replacement starting from only £44.99 we’ll make sure to get you the best deal from our approved network of repair shops. With iPhone 8 Plus back glass replacement taking only 2 hours to replace, book your back glass replacement now.

The iPhone 8 Plus comes with a whole host of new features, and one of the most significant is the new battery. The iPhone 8 Plus is powered by a lithium-ion battery that's 18% larger than the one in the iPhone 7 Plus. This gives the iPhone 8 Plus up to 21 hours of talk time, 12 hours of internet use, and 13 hours of video playback. But the new battery isn't just about giving the iPhone 8 Plus more power; it's also about making it more efficient. With the help of a new A11 Bionic chip, the iPhone 8 Plus can intelligently manage power consumption to maximise battery life.

As a result, the iPhone 8 Plus offers users a significant improvement in battery life over previous models. However as all lithium ion batteries over time degrade and Apple recommends replacement after 2 years or when battery health drops below 90%.

If you need an iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement, we got you covered, our expert repair shops offer Iphone 8 Plus battery replacement in less than 1 hour and with 500 repair shops across the UK we ensure to have expert repair shops near you to replace your iPhone 8 Plus battery and with prices starting from £34.99 only.

Book your iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement now.

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At Compare Your Repair we understand how important it is to get your iPhone 8 Plus repaired quickly, so we have done the hard work for you. Our easy comparison portal will get you the best deals for your iPhone 8 Plus repair. Simply select your iPhone 8 Plus, choose your device problem, and hit search to get instant repair quotes in less than 30 seconds from repair shops near you. Compare and book your same day appointment at the best suited repair shop for your iPhone 8 Plus repair.


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iPhone 8 Plus Repair Services

We understand that when your iPhone 8 Plus breaks, you need it fixed as quickly as possible. That's why we offer a hassle-free way to compare prices and services for iPhone 8 Plus repairs.

We have a network of approved repair shops that can provide 15 different repair services for your iPhone 8 Plus, including screen replacement, back glass replacement, and battery replacement.

So whether you need a quick fix or a more comprehensive repair, we can help you find the best option for your needs.

And because we only work with reputable repair shops, you can be sure that your iPhone 8 Plus will be in good hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement?

iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement prices start from £49.99.

iPhone 8 Plus Repair Near Me

At Compare Your Repair, we understand that when your iPhone 8 Plus screen breaks, you need it fixed fast.

That's why we work with over 500 repair shops across the UK. So if your screen is cracked or your battery is dead, we can always find the best deal for you. With nationwide coverage, we can help you get your iPhone 8 Plus repair done quickly.

We know that not everyone has the same needs when it comes to repairs, so we offer a range of services to fit your budget and timeline.

Whether you need a same-day repair or a more affordable option, you can filter through to find the right solution for your iPhone 8 Plus.

So whether you are looking for an iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement near me or a iPhone 8 Plus charging port repair near me or an iPhone 8 Plus home button repair near me.

We got you covered with repair shops across the UK.