iPad Screen Repair & Replacement

If you've dropped your iPad and have shattered your iPad screen, you're probably wondering where to get it repaired.

With so many repair shops out there, it can be tough to know who to trust, how much it will cost and the warranty provided with the repair. But don't worry, we've got you covered.

Just tell us the problem with your iPad and location of where you want to repair and we will get you instant repair quotes from hundreds of repair shops near you, so you can compare the cost of the repair, warranty provided with the repair and how long it will take to repair all in 30 seconds to allow you to choose the best suited repair shop for your iPad screen replacement or iPad screen repair.

Look no further than and get a quote today for your iPad screen replacement.

iPad screens are made with a special type of glass that is designed to be durable and scratch-resistant.

However, this does not mean that the screens are indestructible. In fact, they can still be damaged if they are hit with a hard object or dropped onto a hard surface.

If you do happen to crack your screen, there are a few things you can do to minimize the damage. First, avoid using sharp objects on the screen, as this can further damage the internal LCD. Second, try to keep the screen clean and free of dirt and debris, as this can also cause damage to internal LCD. Finally, if you notice any cracks or chips in the screen getting larger we recommend to replace your iPad screen.

With over 500 expert repair shops across the nation, you can be sure that we can help you get the best deal for your iPad screen replacement or iPad screen repair.

Plus with many of our repair shops offering same day repair for the iPad screen replacement, book today and let our expert repair shops restore your iPad back to new.     

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At CompareYourRepair we have made it easy to find, compare and book iPad screen replacement and iPad screen repair.

Our expert repair shops offer same day repair for most iPad screen replacement including iPad 10.2 9th GeniPad 10.2 7th Gen & iPad Mini 3.

To find our how much your iPad screen replacement will cost simply get a instant quote from over 500 repair shops.

Just choose your iPad and let us do the rest to get you the best deal for your iPad screen repair or iPad screen replacement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a iPad screen replacement?

iPad screen replacement start from £29.99 for the older iPad's such as iPad 3 & iPad Mini, to find out how much your iPad screen replacement will cost simply get instant repair quote from over 500 repair shops and get the best deal for your iPad screen replacement. 

How long does iPad screen replacement take?

For most iPad's screen replacement on average take between 2-4 hours to complete by our expert repair shops. To find out how long your iPad how long your iPad screen replacement will take, Get A Quote today.

Can you replace the glass on iPad?

Most iPad screen come in 2 parts the top glass which is know as the digitizer and the internal LCD. However the newer iPad with OLED display come as one complete unit so therefore regardless of a small chip or crack the complete screen will need to be replaced on some iPad's. To find out how much your ipad screen repair will cost, Get A Quote today.

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iPad Screen Repair & Replacement Near Me

With over 500 approved repair shops on our platform nationwide, we ensure to have a repair shop near you for your iPad screen repair near me.

We provide you with instant repair quotes from over 500 repair shops for your iPad screen replacement to allow you to explore all the available options and make the book your iPad screen repair with the right repair shop for you.

We are rapidly expanding and registering new repair shops daily with the aim of increasing the choices for you when you are in need for a iPad screen repair near me.